I remember, I remember, don’t worry

Lately I discovered the awesome “25 Days of Songs” challenge . I’m a bit late to the party, sorry, but I’ll just start my day one here and now.


01 – A song from your childhood

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

My childhood was more than heavily influenced by my father. Nowadays, I am forever grateful that Dad showed me different depths of music from decades I overslept. When I was a child I travelled a lot with my parents, mostly to Scandinavia, but also to the south. When I was 6, we were in Italy. My birthday gifts were a wild mix out of Barbie, Legos, everything pink and sparkly, and Phil Collin’s Face Value. I loved every single track and listened to it over and over again until I knew every word by heart (mind you, I was six. I did not know English, so the words that mini me understood amuse me to the day). “In the Air Tonight” was the opening track of that album and, oh boy, I abused the repeat button so hard.

A few years later (two, I believe) we travelled to Norway. I am not sure if it was my birthday back then (I only remember it was my dad’s birthday, mom gave him an inkjet printer and he was happy like a Wiener Schnitzel), but Dad gave me a copy of “No Jackets Required”. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pronounce that album title when you don’t speak English? “Don’t Lose My Number” became a close runner-up to “In the Air Tonight”.


To the day, whenever my dad and I go places, we listen to the old stuff. Our shared favorite record is “Seconds Out” by Genesis. Very much to my mum’s dismay, she despises it, mostly because neither Dad nor I are capable of hitting the high notes of “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Sorry, mum!

– C


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