Is it wrong to have fun?

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

For the longest time the biggest guilt I had was not being productive. I loved doing so many things, but in the back of my mind I was always  stressing out about just how much work I still needed to get done. I was the kind of girl that’s attached to her smartphone’s e-mail inbox on vacation or even has some sort of legal textbook with her when waiting for dinner at a restaurant. I ruined things for me and quite possibly others. So here it is, my guilty pleasure: Fun.

By now, I have come to understood that having fun is nothing bad, even when you have work to do. But do it right. Enjoy the time with friends, traveling, reading or doing whatever you like. The more you enjoy yourself, the more balanced you will feel when actually getting back to work. Stop stressing out so much, eventually, everything will fall into place. Have fun without your smartphone or books or laptop. Things can wait!

And then, after having had a great day/week/5 minutes – get back to work, take matters into you own hands and be productive like a champ.

– C


11 thoughts on “Is it wrong to have fun?

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  3. I think I share your guilty pleasure. I often feel guilty when I’m not working, especially this time of year, with exams just around the corner. But all year round I always think that if I’m not being productive, that I should be. Or that I’ve forgotten that there’s something I need to do. But you’re right; everyone needs to take time to relax, even if it is in moderation.

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