Welcome to the inner workings of a vagabond mind.

I’m C, 20something, from Germany. I’m a traveller, stalled in the wrong place, an adventurer, ready to embark onto the next exploration, a featherhead, lost somewhere between the pages of countless books & a lover, of tea and ignorance. I have started this blog as an effort to keep my creative mind busy (instead of the countless night time thoughts that replace sleep all too often). I survive on languages and law studies, I sleep and love too little, I spend too much money and too much time. I try to live by the saying of “El mundo necesita gente que ame lo que hace”, but I often find myself failing miserably. Enough is never enough, time is always running out and deadlines are my favorite worst enemy. Paths are opportunities, roads are adventures and ferries feel like freedom (planes probably do too, but I’m usually too busy feeling like a canned sardine).

If I happen to find Ithaca along the way – I’ll make sure to let you know.


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